Recent beauty hauls and reviews✨

We all like to treat ourselves once in a while so I had to do it! I love walking into shops and just picking up anything and everything I like the look of!

My main shops are usually drug store (superdrug), Poundland and primark bit of a cheap skate over here but I love their products!

First product was from primark which is their nude collection eyeshadow palette for £8 ~

I love the look of this palette and all the colours are ones I will always use as I love my nude colours.

The pigment on this palette is amazing, and goes on smoothly and with setting spray the colours pop!

I have done some swatches for you all to see just how amazing the colours are but this is definitely a must buy.

One of these palettes is the dupe of urban decay heat palette which is much cheaper which I love.

These palettes were £4 each in primark and I love the colours they do.

You can’t go wrong with a cheap eyeshadow palette that has amazing colours.

The pigment in all of the palettes is gorgeous and long lasting throughout the day.

They are also colours you can build on depending what eye look you are wanting to achieve.

Berry palette swatch ~

Urban palette swatch ~

Amber palette swatch ~

Everyone will notice this next product looks very similar to the Kim K version but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

Primark version is £8 for this collection.

The collection includes a double ended brush with beauty blender/brush, a double ended contour stick, a brow highlighter & a double ended highlighting stick.

The brush is amazing even though it’s tiny both ends blend your makeup really well.

The contour stick appeared very dark on both ends but once applied and blended in it was amazing for contouring, it will scare you a little bit on how dark it is but it looks great when blended.

On the other hand the highlighting sticks weren’t for me, the double ended highlighting stick the colours were a orange/gold colour and a silver/white colour but the pigmentation in both pens didn’t show up as much as I would of liked.

The next palette is the fortune favours the brave from makeup revolution ~ £9.99 in superdrug!

It looks like a gorgeous palette but I was slightly disappointed with the eyeshadows pans that are a mixed colour didn’t show up as much as I would like.

But on the other hand the pigmentation and colours in the eyeshadow pans is gorgeous.

I love the look of palette aswell it’s not a boring looking palette and not plain black, it’s golden on the outside with a pattern on the front it’s just one I have to show off.

Next is the soph highlighter palette from makeup revolution ~ £8 from superdrug.

The colours are gorgeous and there’s a mixture of highlighting colours which gives you a bigger choice.

I have done swatches for this but forgot to take a picture but the glow on these highlighters is glowing central.

You can always build on these highlighters depending how much of a glow you want on your face but this is a must buy palette for me.

It’s always annoying for me when I can’t find foundation that gives me the coverage I would like.

I want to cover up the freckles and blemishes not have them showing each time I put makeup on, so I went on a foundation hunt.

Which is when I came across e.l.f cosmetics in superdrug and this beauty was £7.50.

I always have to get the lightest shade as my face is as a pale as a white sheet, but this colour was just my colour and the coverage was just what I was looking for.

A tiny bit…

Can go a long way!

With the right blenders and products on your face the coverage is amazing my hand doesn’t show it great but it gives you an idea!

Everyone went crazy about this product!

The revolution concealer for £4 from superdrug is a must buy for me.

The coverage is amazing on this concealer and I love the applicator that’s inside ( I should of taken a picture)

I always use it for underneath my eyebrows as I have never found one that’s given my eyebrows the pop they need but this concealer is my life saver.

I got the colour C3 even though I’m very pale this was a perfect colour for me.

I went from using brow pencils, brow gel to brow pomade as people suggested it so much.

I wouldn’t go back definitely not I started off with the primark brow pomade but recently bought the makeup revolution pomade for £6.

The colour is medium brown and it’s amazing, it made my eyebrows look ten times better.

It’s long lasting and goes on so smoothly, the box does come with an applicator but I didn’t use it.

Looking for the perfect primer is always annoying isn’t it??

I went from using the no7 primer which wasn’t as good as what I thought it would be so I recently makeup revolution ultra face base primer for £4 I think.

Primer helps a lot when it comes to makeup, it doesn’t have a greasy feel to it either. It gives you a gorgeous soft feeling to your face and helps a lot with the makeup staying on for the whole day.

We all love our setting sprays to complete our look and have that final finish.

I can’t remember the price around £5 I think from superdrug.

It doesn’t leave you with the greasy/wet feeling that some setting sprays do. It gives you that skin glow that you are looking for and helps keep your makeup.

The final look using some of these products was a lot better than the previous looks I have done :

We all love a shopping spree every now and then and finding the right products for your makeup look and I think I’ve found mine but there’s always room for me!

~ antonia xoxo


Skincare routine must haves

Sorry I have been slacking this past week been a busy girl and had my surgery yesterday but all up and ready to post again ( sort of ) ~

We always become overwhelmed by the beauty and skincare aisles within the shop wondering what we need and which type to go for so here’s your skincare must haves and why.

Cleaners ~

Never ever fall asleep without cleansing – sleeping with makeup on is a big no no from me as this can clog pores and cause premature aging and breakouts. Use warm water to loosen any dirty and clogged pores within the skins surface before cleansing.

Afterwards apply a small amount of cleanser to the skin, always remember to gently massage away any residue, dirt or excess makeup/oil never rub as this can be too harsh for the skin and cause irritation, once applied and have waited the time given, rinse with cool water.

Always choose the cleanser for your skin type. Usually milky, creamy cleansers are best for dry skin whilst gel cleanser work with oily skin. Tip for oily skin also is to use an alcohol – free toner after cleansing to remove any excess oils.

Exfoliates –

Facial scrubs and exfoliates are must haves for the smooth skin feeling with a healthy glow. They help speed up new skin cell production by clearing and removing away old skin cells. On a plus side they also unclog pores.

Sensitive skin sufferers avoid scrubs with scratchy grains, look for exfoliants that are made with natural fruit enzymes as they dissolve dead skin cells. Do not exfoliate too much as this will irritate the skin and can cause reverse effects.

Moisturisers ~

Apply moisturiser after morning rinse. Choose a light moisturiser that has a broad – spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15. This will help the skin retain moisture and protect against UVB rays.

Bedtime calls for a thinner moisturiser to be applied which should contain collagen, elastin and essential lipids to help refresh your face whilst you sleep.


Spray on a facial toner (rose water works wonders) followed with moisturiser for extra hydration.

Serums ~

Suffering with a specific skincare problem?

Serums are must haves, they are highly concentrated fluids which penetrate deeper into the skin, delivering nutrients aswell as hydration.

Purchase serums according to your needs such as anti-aging, brightening or even acne serums.

Eye creams ~

I suffer with puffiness and dark circles from time to time and eye creams add moisture, address fine lines and wrinkles which avoids you looking like a panda every now and then.

A gel eye cream (with caffeine, preferably) if you suffer with oily skin or puffiness. Dry skin sufferers should stay with a balmy texture eye cream. For dark circles try an eye cream that includes vitamin k.

Face masks ~

We all love a face mask or two, the benefits of masks are endless such as ; they draw out impurities from beneath the top layers, exfoliate, toning, hydration, protecting and leaving the skin with that silk smooth feeling.

Masks can target specific skin needs wether you lack hydration, dullness, blemishes or anti – aging.

If you suffer with sensitive skin my recommendation for you is to patch test on new masks to avoid any reactions.

We all love a pamper session and a good easy to follow skincare routine with the right products to leave our skin with the healthy glow and silky smooth feeling.

Thankyou for being patient with me everyone as I haven’t posted as much as usual ~ but once I’m up and running again I’ll be making sure I’m back on track!🌸

~ antonia xoxo

Recent makeup hauls💄

I know I haven’t been writing lately it’s been a manic week of work and illness but I’m back!

So I thought I would show my treats that I got a few weeks back ~ I went a bit mad with the recent makeup hauls but I’m in love. We all love a beauty haul once in a while to treat ourselves!

So I got the revolution deal which was £25 worth of free products if you ordered over £25 revolution products (the deal is now over) but I thought I’d grab myself a few treats.

The items I got with ordering were :

  1. Redemption palette iconic 3
  2. Iconic matte nude revolution lipstick in expose
  3. Redemption palette iconic elements
  4. Revolution contour palette
  5. Vivid baked highlighter
  6. Luxury banana powder

The goodie bag came in a golden package it looked amazing so I kept the bag. But my freebies were the

  1. Iconic pro 2 salvation palette
  2. Iconic pro 1 salvation palette
  3. Strobe highlighting palette
  4. Lip contour kit in the colour royal
  5. Brow arch stick
  6. Skin kiss highlighter in golden kiss
  7. Bronze, shimmer & highlight

I was so happy when I got all my goodies through the post and was extremely excited to try them all out.

I first use my brow arch stick – it was sticky at first but was amazing once blended in and gave my brows the enhancement they needed.

Both highlighters were amazing – the vivid baked highlighter in the shade golden lights the pigment and shimmer is amazing!

The sun kiss highlighter in golden kiss has a different colour tone more of a golden colour to it but the pigment is gorgeous and both feel smooth on your face! You can build on both of these to the glow you would like✨

The lip contour kit in royal was too dark for me as I’m quite pale so it’s the one product I won’t be using, it’s a lovely colour but not for me. It always dries very quickly so I’m unsure if that’s a good or bad thing.

The eyeshadow palettes are amazing, I love the revolution palettes as they have amazing pigment and you can always build on each colour. The colours are long lasting and the price range of the palettes is cheap ranging from £4-£10 depending on size of palette.

I used the banana powder it felt amazing on my skin I was trying to smell it to see if I could smell banana but I have a cold so I don’t think it would work. It gives an amazing smooth feeling to your face.

The revolution contour palette i have only used a couple of times but the concealer gives amazing coverage. It has three different compartments – highlight, contour and concealer. They don’t have that sticky feeling which some do. The contour gives the right amount of colour to your cheek bones which you can build on all three of them.

The lipstick in expose didn’t go on as well as what I thought it clumped a little bit but the colour was gorgeous! I love the golden colour of the package aswell it’s such a cute lipstick!

The bronzer, shimmer and highlight is a lovely golden colour, perfect to build up on. The pigment & shimmer is awesome. It doesn’t show much on the skin when applying a minimal amount but this can be built up on.

This is another beauty haul that I treated myself to the other day ~

I love revolution & mua as you can tell!

The mua eyeshadow palettes in fire vixen and burning embers, the bigger one was £6 and smaller one was £4 so it’s definitely a bargain for me!

I did swatches for a few of the colours within the palettes, the pigment and shimmers are gorgeous within these palettes!

The mua concealer is amazing it was £1.50. The coverage is amazing on this concealer I tested it out on my tattoo as it’s quite dark. But for that price I couldn’t go wrong really! It doesn’t feel sticky on your skin, you can apply the smallest amount and it will show.

The shower gels were on buy 1 get one free in superdrug. I bought the rhubarb & custard and raspberry & vanilla shower gel, the scents are wonderful and it feels really smooth on your skin. The gel soaks right into your skin and the smells remains on your skin for a long time afterwards. They were around £2.

I love treating myself every once in a while to beauty products! They always make me happy for some weird reason.

I will try and stop slacking on the posting but bare with me everyone as I’m ill and I would love to hear some suggestions for some posts that you would like me to write about.

~ antonia xoxo

Skincare dos and donts!

Everyone has their own skincare routine some people don’t! But a lot of people sometimes do certain things that aren’t actually good for your skin! There’s a lot of skincare dos and donts but here’s a handful of some ;


  1. Protect your skin from harmful uv ray damage. Use plenty of creams and lotions that have SPF protection all over your skin. Uv ray damage can cause long term skin conditions.
  2. Drink plenty of water – water is an essential part that plays in a healthy skin complexion. Water flushed out the toxins within your body and keeps the rest of your body/insides on track and functioning properly.
  3. Moisturiser is one of the most important beauty products. Wether it be for your face or your body, keeping your skin moisturised will combat multiple skin concerns that may appear down the road. Using an overnight moisturiser is s great way to keep your skin consistently hydrated.
  4. Exfoliate is another important part that plays in your skincare routine. Weekly exfoliation is a must to remove old dead skin cells and to make the room for new cell regeneration. Using an exfoliation scrub gently once or twice a week can help to keep your skin glowing. Too much of this though can make your skin over sensitive and irritated quickly.


  1. Don’t over do it ~ don’t go overboard with your skincare routine. Keeping it as simple as possible will ensure a healthy complexion and a glowing look to your skins surface. Testing out too many serums, lotions etc. Or constantly changing your skincare routine will irritate your skin and break it down making your skin a lot more sensitive than before.
  2. Don’t drink too much coffee ~ one cup of coffee a day can be beneficial to the skin but too many visits to costa can be dehydrating for the skins surface which can develop into a build up of dry skin.
  3. Don’t over exfoliate – over doing it on the exfoliating can cause reverse effects to your skin. Avoid using harsh scrubs this will cause your skin to become irritated and vulnerable.
  4. This is big don’t! If you have a spot, pimple or blackhead DO not touch it or try to pop it. This could cause infections scarring. Use acne or blemish creams, gels or lotions to fight those spots.

There is a long long list of skincare dos and donts but I would be here forever if I write them all. Always make sure you tailor to your skin type wether it’s oily, dry or sensitive always buy products for your skin type if you don’t this can cause irritation and your skin to breakout in spots which is not what we want. Stick to a skincare routine for a long period of time as you may not see results within weeks but down the line you will hopefully see results.

~ antonia xoxo

Glow central✨

Everyone loves a highlight to bring that glow to your face! Some people love it to be bright that the glow hits you in the face and some love just a little shimmer here and there.

Personally I love a lot of glow when it comes to highlight ~ I have tried a few highlighters mainly drug store at the moment. Here’s some of the best ones myself and other girls have found;

1. Primark strobe cream – £2

I bought this out of luck and didn’t realise how pigmented the cream was. I’m not a fan of many cream highlighters as I don’t like how they stick on your face but this… is the best! The glow is amazing you only have to use the tiniest bit of cream and you’ll see results. It’s a bargain definitely but worth it! It doesn’t feel sticky on your face if you blend in well and lasts a long time.

2. Mua highlight – indescent gold £3

I bought this from my local superdrug. It’s a lovely feeling powder and has a lot of pigmentation. You can build on this highlighter depending wether you want a lot of glow or just a shimmer. It feels really smooth when applying and is very long lasting.

3. Seventeen highlighter cream – 3 way highlight (unsure of price)

I bought this from a girl online but I love this. It can be used in 3 ways as a primer, highlighter or to mix with your foundation. It has a lot of pigment within and is a smooth cream. It doesn’t feel sticky on your face and applies really well. It’s very long lasting and you will definitely have a glow! (First one closer to my thumb is the swatch for this highlighter)

4. Revolution golden sugar blush palette – £6

I bought this palette a long long time ago at my local superdrug. It’s lasted me for around 2 years now I only have to use the tiniest bit of this highlighter. It has a lovely mixture of a silver/gold shimmer and is very pigmented. I apply this with my real technique brush as it sticks to it really well. It’s a smooth feeling powder and feels lovely on your skin. The palette is amazing as the different colours can be used as contour, blush and highlight.

5. Revolution sun kiss highlighter (around £3)

This was suggest by a lady that I asked what her go to highlighters are. She loves the pigment within this highlighter. It’s very long lasting and feels smooth on your face. Revolution is one of the best makeup brands that I have tried myself if I’m honest, great prices and the pigmentation on most of the palettes is amazing.

6. Liquid chrome (highlighter drops) BarryM

Next was the BarryM liquid chrome, I love the packaging on this bottle it looks really cute. I’ve never thought of highlighter drops myself but I may have to get these now. It gives that glow look and is easy & smooth to apply to the skin. The pigment is amazing and has a lovely shimmer to it!

7. Mary Lou manifest – the balm cosmetics

You can get this from any drug store around you! But this was her favourite highlighter as it gives off the beautiful wet skin like glow. The pigment is amazing and I love packaging on this as it doesn’t look like a highlighter when you first look at it. It feels gorgeous on your skin and is very long lasting. The shimmer and glow on this highlighter is gorgeous. A definite buy!

Everyone loves applying highlight and building it up to that glow that you want! Everyone loves highlight brighter than their future like the saying (I know I do!) I love seeing the glow, the shimmer and the pigment when applying but I love having that smooth feeling at the same time.

Using the primark strobe cream for the inner corner ~ Using the mua for the inner corner, the seventeen cream for underneath my brow and the primark strobe cream for my cheek bone ~

These are just to show how far this highlighters can go and how amazing they do look when applied!

~ antonia xoxo

Oily skin helpers!✨

We all suffer with oily skin at some point in our lives! But oily skin is a nightmare and it’s a horrible feeling on your skin so here’s some home remedies and products that will beat that oil away!

Poundland facewash and moisturiser it has natural vitamins and antioxidants, is an oil-free and fast absorbing product that helps to maintain a shine-free complexion. Contains willow bark extract to soothe, condition and improve cel turnover. These products are also suitable for sensitive skin and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and moisturised.

Superdrug face masks are amazing each facemask has ingredients that will play a different role on your skin. The strawberry and vanilla facemask smells gorgeous and leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed, it also exfoliates your skin at the same time. The cucumber facemask helps eliminate impurities and soothes skin for a vibrant fresh faced look. Some are suitable for sensitive skin.

The foaming tea tree face wash from boots is amazing this face wash deep cleanses your skin of dirt, oil and makeup without over-drying. It also helps fight spot-causing bacteria and helping to unblock pores. You can this as your toner as a part of your skincare routine as it leaves your skin feeling extra clean and does not have a sticky feeling to it.

No7 beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser which comes with a cloth, I use this as my cleanser for the morning and the night during my skincare routine. This gorgeous cleanser removes dead skin cells and daily grime whilst stimulating circulation, leaving your skin deeply clean, soft and radiant. It is such a smooth feeling lotion and I love it!

Body shop yes treat selection is amazing for oily skin ~ facial wash, toner, on spot treatment and serum together helps prevent spots/blemishes. If you do come up with any it clears up quickly. It’s not too drying on the skin but I only suggest these products for oily skin.

Honey is one of the most reversed skin remedies due to having antibacterial and antiseptic abilities. It may benefit oily and acne-prone skin, but it is also a natural humectant. It helps keep the skin moist but not oily it draws all the moisture from the skin without replacing it. I would say apply a thin layer, leave it to dry for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

Oatmeal helps calm inflamed skin and absorbs any excess oil and dirt. It also helps exfoliate dead skin cells. You can also add honey, milk or egg whites to leave your skin smooth feeling and refreshed.

Egg whites and lemons are a folk remedy for oily skin, both ingredients are thought to tighten pores. The acid in lemons may help absorb any excess oil on the skins surface. I would say combine 1 egg white with 1 tsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice, apply if fo your face and leave on the skin until dry. Remove with warm water and pat dry.

We all hate the feeling of having skin troubles and oily skin is a nightmare for me it sure is but after trying these I can honestly say it’s helped me a lot!

~ antonia xoxo

Makeup tools;

We all have our specific makeup brushes and tools we use for certain applications of makeup or tools we use to enhance certain features on our face.

I have used a lot of makeup brushes and tools from real technique, no7, Poundland’s, boots, zoeva and more.

I have spoken to some lovely ladies about what they use aswell so here goes;

Beauty blenders are always a must ~ people use foundation brushes which are just as good but I love beauty blenders. I have my studio London one and my real technique, I always dampen my blender so the application is smoother. These are amazing if you suffer with patchiness or blotchiness with your foundation these are a recommendation.

Fan brush was a recommendation from a lady as I have not used one yet but I have seen how amazing they are for applying highlighter. The soft fanned bristles leave your face with a subtle glowing finish. They are also useful for sweeping any excess eyeshadow from underneath your eye.

Eyelash curlers; one thing I never really use as my eyelashes are natural long especially when I apply my mascara. When I have used them I’ve loved the results as it lifts your eyelashes but apply a waterproof mascara will keep the curl in place. Do not overuse eyelash curlers as they may weaken your eyelashes and can pull the eyelash out. Heating them up makes the curl last longer and a more precise curl within your eyelash.

Zoeva – spot liner brush is the one brush I love! I use this brush to apply my brow pomade it goes on so smoothly. It doesn’t overpack with product like some brushes do, it’s a thin brush but it does my brows wonders and leaves me with the look I’m wanting.

Real technique brushes (sculpting brush) I use this for my highlighter or my contour at times and I find it amazing. Sometimes my brushes don’t pick up the product as much as I would like them to, but the bristles are so gentle and they pick up a lot of product. Definitely a recommendation!

Spoolies are fabulous tools for your brows. I always brush my brow upwards and trim the long hairs then brush back down. The spoolie brush blends seamlessly aswell, if you are wanting that faded look within your brow a spoolie is a definite. It also evens out the product within your brow and gives a more precise look.

Tweezers; I have used them every now and then on my brows but sometimes I find it too sore. I discovered putting wet tea bags soothes your brows afterwards. But always remember to pull from the middle of the brow and not just around, but I love tweezers they are always a handy tool to have within your make up bag.

Eyeshadow brushes are always the best ~ I love my studio London brushes. The high angled brush which helps me place my eyeshadow where I want, then I use the eyeshadow blending brush it gives me that blended look that I am wishing for. Eyeshadow brushes are always a must within your makeup bag, I remember when I use to just use the brush that came with product ( the cotton pad looking ones)! After using these brushes I certainly wouldn’t turn back.

There is many many more makeup tools and brushes that everyone uses but these are the ones I use on a day to day basis when doing my makeup routine. I love them all and I definitely wouldn’t use anything else now.

~ antonia xoxo

10 random beauty tips!✨

I have to show off my gorgeous eyeshadow and highlighter before anything.

Part of today’s beauty haul the eyeshadow is a revolution palette and mua highlighter both are gorgeous and the pigments in both are amazing you wouldn’t believe.

The palette was £4 and the highlighter was £2 from superdrug such a good bargain!

But more beauty tips for all you guys out there:

  1. After having a bath or shower is the best time to put your moisturiser on your face so it can lock all the moisture into your skins surafce.
  2. Use daily gentle scrubs and weekly purifying masks this can help keep your pores clean and your skin fresh
  3. After tweezing your eyebrows using a wet tea bag will soothe the skin around your eye! ( I tried this today felt weird at first but really worked)
  4. Garlic helps to combat wrinkles and sagging skin, it also restores damaged tissues. ( so glad I’m a lover of garlic!)
  5. Fresh carrot juice is high in calcium and phosphorus it is great for strengthening your nails.
  6. Vitamin A keeps your scalp healthy so snack on carrots as they are full of vitamin plus other foods.
  7. You can use cool cucumber slices to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles. ( I had to use this yesterday to soothe my allergic reaction and bring down the puffiness ~ my skin felt so much better and the puffiness went down.)
  8. Homemade face masks or a nice clay – based mud mask is excellent for your oily skin because it absorbs the excess unwanted skin oil. (Superdrug do great clay masks!)
  9. A good facial or refreshing face cream can help your skin look and feel great. ( no7 do some great face creams and serums)
  10. Use circular, upward and outward movements with your fingertips to massage cream or lotion for more effective skin penetration.

I hope some of this tips help everyone! I will be trying some out I haven’t it’s always good to give a few tips ago as you discover better ways to enhance your skincare routine/makeup routine.

I would appreciate if you could comment some ideas for next blogs I’m happy to do whatever you guys would like to hear or read about next. ~ Antonia xoxo

My Skincare routine✨

Everyone has their daily skincare routine so I thought I would tell you what mine is!

I always wet my face with warm water when I first get up just to wake myself up a little bit more depending if I’m having a bath or not my routine will change. I always use the same products no matter what!

To cleanse my skin in the morning I use my no7 hot cloth cleanser to remove any build up of dirt, oil and debris. After waking up or going to sleep your face is fought with bacteria throughout the day so cleansing your skin and daily facial washing removes any of these impurities. This cleanser makes my skin feel hydrated and soft.

I always exfoliate my skin afterwards to remove any dead skin cells sitting on the surface. This is also makes it easier for any facial products I use after to penetrate the skins surface. I sometimes use my superdrug facemasks or my soap and glory breakfast scrub which leaves my skin smoother and fresher looking.

I always rinse my face with warm water afterwards to get rid of an exfoliant particles that are left on my face. To help with my dark circles and eye puffiness I use my no7 eye serum which helps more than I realised. Making my eyes feel soft and the serum goes on so gently. It’s really good if you have sensitive skin aswell.

I have a different range of moisturisers but I mainly use my poundland moisturiser. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and extremely smooth, it’s suitable for sensitive skin. It helps a lot with dry skin and spot prone skin and does wonders for eczema as I have used this for my partners son who suffers with it a lot.

After that I’m usually ready for the day but once I’ve worn all my makeup and done my daily routines of work and more. Taking my makeup off I use Elise skin care 5 in 1 facial wipes. To take the rest of the excess makeup off I use tea tree foaming face wash from boots which leaves my skin hydrated and refreshed this also cleanses my skin at the same time. It sinks right into the skin aswell and I love that it’s in a foam form.

I used this replenishing facial oil from no7 just yesterday but I’m in love already. A couple of drops gently massage onto your face. This left my skin feeling really soft and didn’t have an oily feeling whatsoever so I think it’s staying within my routine now. It’s also really hydrating within your skin without leaving that horrible heavy feeling that some products cause.

Each skincare routine is always different for everyone depending on your skin type wether you have sensitive skin and much more. It’s always important to do a skincare routine to remove any excess dirt, oil and debris that your face has built up within the day.

It’s always important to find the product that’s right for you, but always wash your face (probably something your mum has always said when you were little!) but it really does help.

If you find the right product that works for you keep it! It’s key to find the go to skincare product as using a wrong product in you regime can have adverse affects an increase dryness, build up oil and excess dirt which is not what anyone wants there skin to feel like.

That’s my skincare routine for you guys! I will always add, change certain things or try new things out but for now these are the products that make my skin feel hydrated, refreshed and smooth.

~ antonia xoxo

My beauty bag contents;

I brought my beauty bag from primark for £5 it’s a pinkish colour but has so much room in it especially for all the bits I have and more!

My first product in my beauty bag is my superdrug facemask which was 99p I haven’t used that one yet but I’ve used strawberry and vanilla exfoliating face mask it was divine. The smell is gorgeous and my skin feels really soft afterwards (its 3 for 2 aswell which is a plus!)

I have this primark illuminating mineral water mist which was £1 as it was reduced so I thought why not! But I love it ~ I use it as my setting spray after I finish my makeup and then fan it once that’s all done I’m ready for the day and it doesn’t leave your face feeling sticky whatsoever.

I always have to have a body spray in my beauty bag as I hate the thought of smelling when I’m out! (Might just be me who does that) it’s a tiny bottle but lasts forever I swear. I got it from my nearest boots store I can’t remember the price as it was a while back but if you’re a lover of strawberries I suggest this is worth a buy for yourselves!

We can never forget makeup and I have a lot of it but the foundation I use is the max factor one in the colour porcelain as I have extremely pale skin. It gives me the coverage I want and doesn’t feel caked on even if I put a lot on, it feels really smooth when placed on the skin whatever you are using blender, brush, silicone blender.

I can honestly say the pigment in these eyeshadows is fabulous and I will follow up with a picture one day! Poundland do eyeshadow duos but as I stick to neutral colours these are the two I picked a purple shimmer and a cream/pink shimmer. They stay on really well and the shimmer in the eyeshadow is fabulous and it’s a bargain!

I always bake my face after putting my makeup on using my technic translucent powder which I only recently started doing as I had no clue what it meant. I’m happy that I’ve done it this powder is slightly messy and can go all over the place at times but my face never feels powdery or cakey it’s always left feeling smooth.

I use two eyebrow products which is my primark pomade in a dark brown which I absolutely love and I can’t get enough of it, it goes on really well and stays on for a long time it’s extremely difficult to get off my face at times!

I also have the no7 eyebrow kit which is powdered it doesn’t do as much but still gives me the coverage I want for my brows and includes a highlight for afterwards ( it does come with brushes but they are out the kit)

I have two no7 products that I use on a daily basis which is the airbrush primer it feels lovely on your skin and keeps your makeup on definitely!

I also have the eye serum as I suffer with dark eyes and bags under my eyes if I don’t sleep so once I put this on my eyes feel rehydrated and fabulous no more looking like a zombie.

For eyeshadow I have my palette that I’ve had for a long time I got it from a superdrug ~ it’s the death by chocolate palette but I can’t remember who by. I love my neutral colours the pigment isn’t great but it does the job if you keep going at it for a while!

I have my primark singular eyeshadows ~ oyster shell & champagne flute by the pictures you can just tell the pigment is amazing in these!

For my concealer I use the primark one in Ivory due to my pale skin I don’t want to look orange. It doesn’t feel caked on and it definitely enhances your brows and your eyes and wherever else you place your concealer.

I got this powder from Poundland it’s definitely worth buying as it’s such a smooth powder and doesn’t have that powdery feeling on your face afterwards. They do different shades for different skin tones but I love mine!

I have all my brushes ranging from technic, poundland and studio London ~ I use them all on a daily basis for different things but the studio London brushes are a must buy they are so soft it’s unreal! None of the bristles fall out on your face which is always a plus as I hate how some brushes do that.

I have had this palette for a long long time it was about £8 but I have barely used it. I always use the white shimmer as my highlight and it definitely gives that glow!✨

As a mascara I have this cutie it makes my lashes so long I love it! It’s worth buying i got in a gift set so unsure on price but next time you are in boots grab this if you’re looking for a mascara.

Last but not least is my beloved body lotion from body shop in frosted berries. The smell is gorgeous and I use it everywhere most nights as it leaves my skin extremely smooth and I can never get over the smell of it!

There are many more items in my beauty bag but I would be going on forever if I named them all but these are my main ones I use on a daily basis. A few added extras to add to that jam packed bag today aswell.

~ Antonia xoxo